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Lost Valley State Park
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Lost Valley State Park is a natural haven, boasting lush forests, towering cliffs and diverse wildlife. It features the Eden Falls waterfall and impressive caves like Cobb Cave. The park offers hiking trails that lead to breathtaking views of its unique geological formations while providing opportunities for bird watching or picnicking amidst serene surroundings.
History of the Area
Located in Newton County, Arkansas, the park is known for its natural beauty and historical significance. Established as a state park in 1967 by the National Park Service (NPS), it was initially part of Buffalo River State Park.

The area's history dates back to prehistoric times with evidence of Native American habitation found throughout. European settlers arrived during the early 19th century establishing small communities nearby.

In addition to human history, geological features like caves and waterfalls have attracted visitors over time. The most famous feature being Eden Falls Cave which contains an underground waterfall.

It offers hiking trails that lead through dense forests showcasing local flora and fauna while providing stunning views across valleys filled with wildflowers or autumn leaves depending on season.

Today it remains under NPS management offering recreational activities such as camping, picnicking along with educational programs about nature conservation efforts within this unique ecosystem.

Lost Valley State Park is located near Harrison, Springdale

1. Lost Valley Trail: A 2.3-mile round trip trail, featuring waterfalls and a large bluff shelter known as Cobb Cave.

2. Eden Falls Trail: An extension of the Lost Valley Trail leading to an impressive waterfall; total distance is approximately 2 miles.

3. Buffalo River Trails - Ponca Wilderness Section: This challenging route covers around 30 miles through rugged terrain with stunning river views.

4. Clark Creek Loop: Approximately five mile loop offering diverse scenery including hardwood forests, limestone bluffs and wildflower meadows in springtime.

5.The Goat Bluff Overlook Hike : Roughly one mile hike that leads up to breathtaking panoramic view over the buffalo national river valley below

6.Centennial Park Pathway:A short .25-mile paved pathway ideal for families or those seeking wheelchair-accessible routes within park boundaries

7.Smith Creek Preserve Nature Conservancy trails- Offers several hiking options ranging from easy strolls along Smith creek (0..75miles)to more strenuous hikes into surrounding hills(upto four miles)

8.Big Hollow Trial-A moderate six-mileroundtrip trial which descends steeply down into big hollow before climbing back out again via switchbacks
9.Old Homestead Ruins Walk-An easy halfmile walk taking visitors past remnants of old homesteading activity such as stone walls ,building foundations etc

10.Rock House Viewpoint Spur -A very short but extremely steep spur off lost valley trail leading upto rock house viewpoint overlooking boxleyvalley

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
July 26 Long ago... by Pat_G_
park review stars; one to five Went here in 1971, 5 picnic tables, a couple of water spigots, and I think an outhouse. It was along a creek with the farmhouse/ranger office. We were told just follow the creek up to the cave and bring a flashlight. Super cool waterfall 50 years later it surely became Un-Lost I guess. Would love to see it again and sit under the falls...
August 5 One of our favorite vacation spots by Connie D.
park review stars; one to five We loved the hike up to Edens Fall and Edens Fall Cave. We got down and crawled to the back of the cave where it opens up to a room with a water fall. Remember to have a headlight. Checked this off my bucket list. We love this area. Visit every 2 yrs. It just keeps bringing us back.
April 3 Need to rebuild bridge at park entrance
park review stars; one to five I have visited this park in the past and it is an amazingly beautiful place. Unfortunatley, the bridge over the creek at the entrance was washed out in 2011 and not rebuilt. My family and I were unable to cross the creek due to high water in mid-March of 2012.
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Area Campgrounds
Ponca Bible Camp
4699 Arkansas 43
Ponca, AR
Nearby Hotels

1. Start by heading east on E Dickson St toward N College Ave.
2. Turn left onto US:71 BUS S/S School Ave/E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.
3. Continue to follow US:71 BUS S for about 4 miles.
4. Merge with I:49/US-62 E via the ramp to Mountainburg.
5. Stay in right lane and take exit 86A towards Harrison.
6. Follow signs for U.S Highway412 East /U.S Highway 62 East/U.S highway102 West into Rogers.
7. Keep going straight until you reach junction of Highways65 North & South (near Bellefonte).
8. Turn Left at this Junction, following signposts indicating Buffalo River Area - Ponca/Jasper.
9. Continue along Hwy74 west till Boxley Valley where there is an intersection between Hwys21&43.
10. Turn Right here continuing through Ponca town then after approx two mile turn off road leading up hill marked "Lost valley".

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Arkansas State Parks