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Mississippi Valley Delta Region
Hampson Archeological Museum State Park
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33 Park Street
Wilson, Arkansas   72395
(lat:35.569 lon:-90.0418) map location

Phone: 870-655-8622
Hampson Archeological Museum State Park in Wilson, Arkansas, exhibits a nationally renowned collection from the Nodena site. This was a 15-acre palisaded village that once thrived on the Mississippi River in what is today Mississippi County. Hampson Archeological Museum interprets the lifestyles of this farming-based civilization that lived there from A.D. 1400 to 1650. Artifacts and exhibits share the story of this early aboriginal population of farmers who cultivated crops and supplemented their food resources with hunting native game while developing its art, religion, and political structure along with a thriving trading network. This remarkable collection owes its preservation to the late Dr. James K. Hampson and his family.

Admission is free. The museum is located on the unique town square in Wilson on the corner of US Hwy 61 and Park Avenue. A knowledgeable, friendly staff leads group and private tours. Facilities also include a picnic area.
History of the Area
The park, located in Wilson, Arkansas, is named after Dr. James K. Hampson who began excavating the site in 1929.

Hampson and his family discovered a significant Late Mississippian Culture village on their Island 35 plantation around this time.

After decades of excavation work by various archaeologists including Hampson's son-in-law Thomas E Lewis Jr., it was designated as an archaeological state park in 1961.

In addition to preserving artifacts from AD1400-1650 period Nodena Site villagers' daily life; pottery pieces and stone tools are also displayed at its museum facility opened since March 2019.

This location offers educational programs about Native American culture for visitors while continuing research into prehistoric societies that once inhabited Northeastern Arkansas region.

Hampson Archeological Museum State Park is located near Millington, Munford and Jonesboro

Hampson Archeological Museum State Park offers scenic picnic areas with tables overlooking the Mississippi River landscape for outdoor meals.

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From Little Rock, Arkansas:
1. Start by heading west on W Markham St toward N Broadway St.
2. Turn right onto Dr Martin Luther King Jr Dr.
3. Merge onto I:630 W via the ramp to I-430/Hot Springs/Texarkana/Fort Smith.
4. Take exit 139A:B for Interstate 30W towards Texarkana/Dallas/I-40 E/Memphis/North Little Rock.
5. Turn left at S Gaines Street and continue until you reach Hampson Archeological Museum State Park.

From Fayetteville, Arkansas:
1. Start out going south on College Ave/US:71B South toward Dickson street/West Avenue intersection,.
2. Merge with US:62 East /US :180 east via the ramp located in your left side of road.
3. Continue straight ahead till AR:135, then turn slight right.
4. Finally take a sharp Left turn when you see County Road 524 where museum is situated.

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Arkansas State Parks